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I enjoy contributing to existing open source projects and give life to my own ideas. Here’s a non-exaustive list of some of my favorite ones and my contributions to them.

NUnit is one of the main testing frameworks for the Microsoft .NET framework. In the past I worked on some new constraints as well as a new experimental assertion syntax initially built into the LinUnit project, later merged into other Fabio Maulo’s NUnitEx and SharpTestsEx. More recently I’ve been actively contributing to the project and implemented support for asynchronous test methods, among others.

Rhino-ETL is a library for building ETL processes in .NET. I worked on several improvements related to threading models and object comparison built on top of .NET expressions.

cs2Project is an experimental source code search engine. I have created this project as an assignment while attending the course of Information Retrieval during my master’s years in university.

Pencil is an experimental build scripting environment in C#. Once forked the original project I tried implementing the idea of creating a build scripting enviroment for writing build scripts in C#.

TeamCity C# Runner is a plugin for TeamCity to run C# code inside the build server. If you have ever used LINQPad you know how useful it is to create C# scripts and run them on the fly. I brought this concept to TeamCity and built this plugin which allows executing arbitraty C# code during a build.

TeamCity TFS issue tracker is a plugin which integrates TFS into TeamCity. TeamCity supports integration with issue trackers to show which issues are related to a source control commit. I have built this plugin to integrate Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server into TeamCity.

DotNetKicks is a community driven digg-like website for focusing on .NET. Contributed to some parts of the codebase in the early days of the project, in addition to setting up the initial build environment based on CruiseControl.NET.

ELMAH stands for Error Logging Modules And Handlers for ASP.NET. I worked on the implementation of a persistence provider based on SQLite, in addition to other experiments.